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The journey so far...

All of our research consultants have significant experience in this industry. Most of us have worked in large research organizations both here in Australia and overseas.

SportINFO was established to do some things differently, in particular:

- To provide our clients with a senior experienced researcher to manage the projects. Clients invest heavily in research and expect and should receive support commensurate with their investment.

- To keep the business small with a team of highly qualified and experienced researchers. We are research specialists so we bring to the table a 'toolbox' of skills and techniques.

- To be expert at what we do - information collection, information analysis and problem solving. Where we need additional expertise then we will collaborate with other experts.

- We don't hide behind 'packaged solutions' or 'off the shelf' products. We believe your business is different to others and so reflects this in our response to you.

- We won't hide behind complex research terminology - we will talk to you in a language you will understand.

- We won't report just numbers - we will interpret the numbers and use our own experience to provide a commentary on what the results mean for your business.

These ambitions have driven the business over the past 15 years and will continue to do so over the next 15.

The journey so far...
Our ambitions and values...

Our clients include:

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