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SportINFO’s Dashboard Solutions provide easy and convenient access to information from internal and external data sources. This might include feedback from members, fans and participants through surveys, blogs, forums or social media as well as membership numbers, ticket and merchandise sales and other key performance metrics.

The interactive dashboards provide a number of features including:

Access to real time information
Drilldown charts and maps
Dynamic menus and selectors
What If Analysis
Stunning presentation
Flexible design capabilities
Range of Output Modes
Easy to use

If you would like to learn more about our Dashboard Solutions, click here to contact us.

Fan and Member Online Forums

Allow your fans and members to come together through conversation and build on each other's feedback and opinions.

Our Online Forums occur in a secure environment where fans and members can login and post comments in response to a discussion topic.

The SportINFO ‘Listening Post’ system is a moderated online forum designed to elicit feedback and insights into fans responses to issues or their motivations for connecting to your team or sport.

The research forum is a safe, secure and comfortable environment for fans to contribute feedback. Some of the features of the “Listening Post’ includes:

Selected participants only asked to join the forum
Forums can run for 2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months
Up to 50 fans or members can be invited to join the forum
Fully moderated environment designed to ensure discussion stays ‘on topic’ and provides the insights you require
Participants can be prompted with visual cues, videos, pictures and other content (on which you need some feedback)
Instant polls to determine the level of support or consensus on specific topics
Full reporting capabilities
The ability for clients to ‘join in these conversation as silent observers.

Unlike other online research, our Online Forums allows you to get to the “why” and better understand the thought process or your fans and members.

If you would like to learn more about our Fan and Member Online Forums, click here to contact us.

Fan and Member Profiling

Our Profiling system can provide a large variety of attributes of your fan and member base; from what brands they are aware of, what type of household they live in, or even what drinks they buy while attending your games.

If you would like to learn more about our Fan and Member Profiling, click here to contact us.

Fan and Member Surveys

Do you need to gather feedback from your members, fans or participants?

Listen to the voice of your fans using a fast, effective and affordable online survey platform. Choose SportINFO to gather data more efficiently, providing you with a quicker feedback. We take care of every aspect of your survey, giving you more time and the flexibility to concentrate on other areas of your business. The online survey platform includes a number of features including:

Many different question forms (ratings, preference, open text or closed question formats)
Specific routing of fans based on their earlier responses
Piping of fan specific data to personalise questions
Provision to exhibit media in many different formats (images, pictures, videos, youtube etc.

If you would like to learn more about our Fan and Member Surveys, click here to contact us.

Voting Systems

Looking to get approval or support form geographically dispersed stakeholders? The SportINFO Voting System allows you to conduct formal elections, committee votes or Board decisions in a secure, reliable environment.

The SportINFO Voting system can deliver the capability to run votes or elections in a fast and highly cost effective way. Some of the features of the SportINFO Voting System are:

Provides secure online access to a voting environment for selected participants
You control who votes
Display of relevant information (CV’s documentation supporting voting issue) online as people vote
Confirmation of voting intentions before a final vote is cast
Email confirmation to each participant immediately after their vote has been cast

If you would like to learn more about our Voting Systems, click here to contact us.

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